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Rehab Strollers

EASyS Advantage – rehab stroller

Setup and Adjustments

Everyday Use

Product Teaser

Swifty – lightweight stroller


How to fold and unfold

How to adjust the seat depth

How to adjust the height

How to fit and remove covers

Swifty² – lightweight rehab stroller for the big kids

Setup and Adjustments

tRide – pediatric wheelchair with a special headrest


Assembling and set up

Rehab Strollers – in general

Rehab Strollers by Thomashilfen

Introduction EASyS

Quick hi-low base

Introduction EASyS Modular

Straight talk from a real Mom

Car Seats

Octopus – Rehab belt system for children & adults


Installation with belt extension set

RECARO Monza Nova 2 Reha – Lightweight booster seat

Introduction RECARO Monza Nova 2 Reha

Introduction RECARO Monza

Installation RECARO Monza Nova 2

Straight talk from a real Mom

RECARO Sport HERO Reha – car seat

Examples for the handling

Introduction RECARO Sport HERO Reha

Commander – Rehab Car Seat


Major – Rehab Car Seat


Navigator – Rehab Car Seat

Everyday Use


Co-Pilot – Rehab Car Seat


Hercules Prime - Rehab Car Seat

Installation in the car

Installation in the car, with seatfix

Installation swivel function

Installation tilting function

Installation crotch strap

Installation shoulder guides

Installation shoulder straps

Installaton seatfix adapter

Installation stabilizing bow

Installation abduction block

Installation leg guide

Installation footrest, foldable

Installation of the stand

Installation lateral trunk supports, firm

Installation lateral trunk supports, swing-away

Installation chest clip

Installation Headrest

Installation upper body guide, firm

Installation upper body guide, swing-away

Installation hip belt

MiS® Therapeutic Mattresses* / Chairs
*MiS sleep therapy

ThevoCalm - Parkinson’s Care

Parkinons Care Mattress

ThevoSleepingStar Senso – for sensory support

Introduction ThevoSleepingStar Senso

ThevoFlex - Wheelchair User Mattress

Allen's Experience

User Experience

ThevoChair - The Dementia Chair


Locking the rocking motion

Activity / Therapy Chairs

SiiS – Therapy Chair with impulse effect

The chair with impulse effect


Straight Talk from a real Mom

Straight talk from a real Mom