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Rehab belt system for children & adults

If a rehab car seat does not (no longer) fit, but the 3-point belt offers far too little support, the THOMASHILFEN Octopus rehab belt system provides safety. It offers children and adults stable hold and support without restriction. Lockable belt buckles prevent dangerous unbuckling during the ride. Easy handling and quick vehicle change make Octopus the perfect companion for mobility in everyday life of families.


Why should you choose the THOMASHILFEN Octopus?

Belt system with seat vest provides secure support for shoulders, upper body and pelvis during the ride
lockable belt buckles prevent dangerous unbuckling during the ride in case of motor restlessness or perception disorders
padded 7-point seat vest is pleasantly soft, comfortable and does not pinch
long journeys are less strenuous for the user due to the better postural support
no constant tilting forward or sideways with weak muscle tone
no heavy child seat - back-friendly handling in everyday life for parents and carers
can be used very well in combination with booster seats
simply mounted without tools or damage to the seat or in the vehicle

Especially suitable for: muscular functional limitations / postural instability | weak muscle tone (“slack” posture) | Hyperactivity / high urge to move | Perceptual disorders / Autism | mental disability (risk of unbuckling) | Obesity


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In everyday use


Technical data

Cushion, 7-point seat vest (W x H) 34 x 42 cm / 13.4 x 16.5"
Cushion, Base back part (W x H) 34 x 84 cm / 13.4 x 33.1"
Body height user 130 - 185 cm / 51.2 - 72.8"
max. user weight 30 - 80 kg / 66.1 - 176.4 lb

Please note: The Octopus positioning harness is not classified as a safety harness, but as a medical device for positioning. To comply with safety regulations, the vehicle safety harness MUST ALWAYS be worn over the Octopus positioning harness. This combination provides additional safety for the user.


Basic configuration

Base back part | 7-point seat vest with belt buckles | shoulder straps | pelvis belts | crotch strap | 7x lockable side release buckles | keys for belt buckles | emergency hammer with seatbelt cutter | water-repellent cushions