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The Specialist – Highly Adaptive Positioning Car Seat
for children with special needs

The Thomashilfen Commander masters every challenge. As a special seat for special requirements and positioning, it is ideally suited for highly individual supply solutions.

Children are supported wherever they need support and protection. Especially for children with little upper body control, the fixed lateral trunk supports offer this extra support – the supports have proven themselves over many years of use in rehab strollers. A huge selection of accessories and easy handling make the adjustment perfect.


Why should you choose the THOMASHILFEN Commander?

Unique combination:

major release leverThe unique, modular combination of SWIVEL BASE and TILTING BASE can be supplemented with a variety of accessories as required.

For easy handling, the release For easy handling, the releaselever (draw latch) on theswivel base is easy to reach.It can be mounted either onthe left or right front of theswivel base.

An adapter plate is ALWAYS required to use the accessories. In the following we show some examples:

commander unique combination


And also:

special velcro back plate excellently suited for special construction solutions
multiple possibilities of upper body guidance for children who need a lot of support
comfortable handling - 5-point harness automatically adjusts when growing with the child
with integrated 9-fold height-adjustable headrest incl. additional padding
optional use of modular function plates with rotation and/or tilt function and further accessories
handy cup holder (right or left applicable)


Rehab-equipment ( Click on the to show the different equipment)

  • Head pads

    additional padding inserts can be added on the right and left side of the head pads, even better support for the child's head
  • 5-point positioning belt

    integrated 5-point positioning belt with central adjuster for quick adjustment of the belt length, practical chest clip prevents twisting of the belts
  • Crotch pad, large

  • Abduction block

  • Hip supports

  • Lateral trunk supports


Colour choices of THOMASHILFEN Commander
(Tap/click one of the coloured circles to see photos of the coloured product)


Technical data

Seat depth 34 cm / 13.4"
Seat width, front (with supports) 33,5 cm (22 cm) / 13.2" (8.7")
Seat width, rear (with supports) 28,5 cm (17 cm) / 11.2" (6.7")
Back height (seat) 55 - 75 cm / 21.7 - 29.5"
Shoulder height (belt guide) 25 - 44 cm / 9.8 - 17.3"
Seat tilt-in-space (basic model)
Seat tilt-in-space (with tilting plate)

5,5° / 11° / 16°
Lower leg length (Footrest directly attached to adapter plate) 23 - 40 cm / 9.1 - 15.7"
Lower leg length (Footrest attached to swivel base + tilting base) 28 - 45 cm / 11 - 17.7"
Overall dimensions (w x h x d) 55 x 65 x 45 cm / 21.7 x 25.6 x 17.7"
Weight of seat approx. 8,5 kg / 18.7 lb
Max. carrying capacity 15 - 36 kg / 33.1 - 79.4 lb


Basic configuration

Seat and back with integrated 9-fold height-adjustable headrest | back plate (with hook-and-loop fasteners) | seat cushion | back cushion | head cushion | additional head cushion inserts | crotch pad, small | 5-point positioning belt with central adjuster | chest clip | shoulder protector | cup holder (can be used right or left) | removable covers, machine washable up to 40° C





Assembly instructions