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A healthy goal...
For more than 4 decades Thomashilfen has been working to make people feel good.

In support of all people suffering from disease or disability our goal is your health, well-being and positive development. Our staff of specialists strives to meet a constant demand to excel in the rehabilitation field. They are experts in seating, lying, positioning, but above all - movement and mobility.

Just as in the past, we continue to develop and market high quality, useful products with lots of enthusiasm and experience that make people feel better. Our efforts distinguish Thomashilfen as one of the leading brands in the international rehab market today.

At Thomashilfen, we achieve maximum professional performance and interdisciplinary developments through the integration of the internal network of the THOMAS-Group and an external network of experts. Intensive exchange with medical practitioners, representatives of funding agencies, nursing specialists, specialized dealers, self-help groups, and caring relatives ensure a constant advancement of existing know how.

A worldwide network of licensed distribution partners in more than 30 countries including our own enterprise, Thomashilfen North America (ExoMotion) in Seattle, USA, guarantees that the demand for Thomashilfen products is carried out quickly, directly, and professionally on-site.

Our focus at Thomashilfen is the benefit our products bring to the end user. Thinking of benefit over function clearly sets us apart from the competition. This philosophy enables us to develop new, innovative concepts and unique products, like the Thevo family. And this will remain our goal in future.

We have the know-how, the technology, the power, and vision to sometimes make the impossible possible...